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The creation of gorgeous and fully responsive Websites, coupled with professional UI/UX Analysis, Prototyping, Design, and Development, will ensure that your company’s digital experience is fully human-centered and up to every user’s highest expectations.


Gorgeous, Responsive websites, that look amazing in every device, and are tailored 100% to your company needs & characteristics.


We offer deep analysis, and work hand in hand with you to tailor the User Experience & Interface exactly for your client’s need. Perfection is achievable.


Making your Company visible on the Digital Realm is key for every entity which aspire to succeed in today’s world. SEO & PPC are key elements worth exploring.


In need for Printed Advertisement? Perhaps Motion Graphics for an ad? Or maybe Product Photography? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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UX, by the numbers

We received an email… After our latest article on UI/UX design, we received an email that caught our attention. The...

We received an email…

After our latest article on UI/UX design, we received an email that caught our attention. The email was addressing it, and directed us to an Infographic Article laying out statistics regarding websites and UX as of 2018… We though it was a very interesting material and we decided to share it with you guys.

The email came from the Article Creator, Jann Chambers from Uk Web Host Review, who did a very good job combing sources to come up with a very detailed compilations of facts and numbers about today’s Websites and the importance of UX.

Among others, the sources she used were such as:

Here’s a sample of the gorgeous design of this article we’ll be sharing with you guys today.

UX, by the numbers - Vhector Graphics

Lets get to it then…

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And we want to thank Jann for getting in touch with Vhector Graphics to share her findings. This kind of collaboration is very important, in our opinion, so we can spread accurate information and help the users and up and coming UX/UI and Web Designers understand a bit better how this complicated aspect of the Online World actually works.

If you want to read more about Web Development, we recommend our article What Makes a Website Good?. Where we talk about the aspects that make your website worth the user’s while, and the various ways you have at your disposal to keep the user enjoying your Online presence… but most importantly, how to keep them interested all the way.
We believe that this article, coupled with Jann’s Infographic make a very complete picture, which can be very useful for every one of you curious people out there.

So, without further ado, here you have Jann Chambers’ infographic on UX and Websites:
15 Website & UX Statistics of 2018-2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Signing Out
Vhector Graphics

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What is UI and UX?

What is UI and what is UX, or UI/UX as this term is usually used? UI means “User Interface”. This...

What is UI and what is UX, or UI/UX as this term is usually used? UI means “User Interface”. This refers to what the user will encounter and interact with when they are using a website or an application (App). UX, on the other hand, refers to “User Experience”. This one is exactly what its name states: It’s what the User will experience and how they will perceive a website or app.

Now, they both are usually talked about together, as if these two terms were somehow the same. In reality, they are two different things. Each require a different set of skills and are treated in a separate fashion. But make no mistake, they both go hand in hand.

It’s important to clarify that UI/UX does not only refers to Websites and Apps. It could refer also to Toys, Video Games and other kinds of products. But for the purpose of this article, we will be talking mainly about Websites and Apps.

Let’s talk about UI first

UI as mentioned before, is what the user of a website or an application will see, touch, fiddle with. In turn, the website or app will react. Where the buttons will be positioned; what’s the best position that button can possibly have to make it easy to spot, use, and be as helpful as possible. What not to add in a certain place so it won’t compete for attention; or what to actually add to cancel out other element’s over-attention-grabbing characteristics. All this will be decided at the UI (User Interface) Develop process.

Wikipedia puts it like this:

The user interface (UI), in the industrial design field of human–computer interaction, is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. The goal of this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the machine from the human end, whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators’ decision-making process.

Now, UX…

The UX Design will be responsible for what the user will feel, how they will react and interact with a website or Application. The flow of a website is paramount for a good User Experience. How to navigate from page to page, or even if a second page should open at all. Color schemes. Cleanness, or how busy a website looks and feels will make or break any User Experience.

One of the most common complaints in this regard are “Websites that are difficult to navigate”, or “I don’t understand how to use this website or app”. Based on this, a UX Developer will take into consideration even how the human psyche works, in order to develop an optimal final product that not only will look amazing, but that will have ease of use, and be an attractive experience to the user.

NNGroup Says:

The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use.

Resuming… UI/UX Are Extremely Important.

As you can see, these two elements of development are very important. They hold the key to the success or shameful defeat of any website or application. As a Web Developer possessing these sets of skills is extremely important to deliver exactly what users are expecting when they venture into the online world.
Delivering an amazing Website will make any user smile and feel they need to come back, which is beyond important for any Company’s website. A well Developed UI/UX Strategy will ensure just that… So, it’s time to start taking these two extremely serious.

Signing Out

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What makes a website, GOOD?

A website, what does it make it good, effective, amazing? This question is critical to make if you want your...

A website, what does it make it good, effective, amazing? This question is critical to make if you want your business to succeed on the WWW world, which is, by now, and each day even more, crowded and over-saturated with mediocre work done by “designers” who are only looking to make a couple of bucks with the minimum work possible, and hey! also by clients who do not want -or honestly don’t know- how much work an effective website requires.

What does it takes?

Make the user curious with your Website.

A “good” website is that which hooks the user at first glance. The user may not wish to keep using the website after that first moment, but the fact that the design, the experience were strong enough to make them stop and consider keep using the website, could be considered a partial success.

Now, a GREAT website, on the other hand, is that which will hook the user at first glance, and not let go. Like an aligator, it will grab that user and practically “force” them to keep using it out of cheer amazement and curiosity. A great and effective website will trigger the subconscious of a user and make them stay, sniffing around, enjoying the experience to the fullest.
When that user goes away feeling like they had a perfect experience, they will most likely return… and that’s the absolute goal for any website you commission.

The Guardian says:

A good website has great content, is regularly updated, intuitive, easy to use, and, ideally, has a good visitor-customer conversion rate.

The Guardian
What makes a website, GOOD? - Vhector Graphics
Website Developed by Vhector Graphics

Yes, content is important.

Now, looks will do only 30-50% of the task. The other 50% will be done by the content.
Having a gorgeous website, will not guarantee that it is good enough for the users who visit it. The content you include will dictate how useful and attractive that website will be in the end.

Creating content is a whole industry in itself. Content creation for your business is KEY if you want to have a good and effective online presence.

  • Amazing Photos (Copyright free or Owned by you).
  • Exclusive and original Blog posts.
  • Media section with profesional-grade content (Videos and Imagery).
  • Relevant and updated contact information of your business.

Offer your users useful and honest information about the industry you are involved in. If your industry is the Cuisine Industry, offer amazing Blogs-Tutorials of how to cook an exotic dish. Give recipients away in a weekly fashion on your website.
If you are a musician, publish your music right there on your website. Offer quality videos of how to achieve your skills so your users can follow you and improve their skills alongside you.

Offering good, relevant content will make your website a hub to be respected. And believe us, your users will value you even more for providing just that.

What about my budget?

Now now Vhector -you may say- I do not have the money to create that quality content!
And that is perfectly understandable. Regardless of the size of your budget, the quality you should aim to provide should be high. When you have that mindset, your content, even if it cost you zero dollars to create, will have that aura of quality that your users will definitely feel and acknowledge.

We all start at the very bottom and make our way up little by little. And the content you’ll create tomorrow will be better than the one you created yesterday… But if you created that content without any regard for at least the minimum quality, your brand will suffer. So, it’s better to aim high with no resources at all, than to aim low with no resources and fail because your carelessness showed all over your content.

Be successful online!

Hiring professionals to not just create, but DEVELOP your website will make a huge difference for your business success in the online realm.
With a very big chunk of daily transactions taking place on the Internet today, you want to be competitive, attractive enough, and inspire trust in your users, which very well could become clients once they visit your Virtual Office or Store.

Develop your website in a serious fashion. It will worth the effort… absolutely no doubt.

Signing Out

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