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Why your Corporate Image do matter… A Lot!

Why your Corporate Image do matter… A Lot!

Your Business General Image drives in Clients

We, humans, are visual creatures. We see and we judge based on our first impression, basically, of everything we interact with every day.
As consumers, we take particular care to make the right decision on where to spend our hard earn money. And that goes for everything… so, the products and services you are selling, need to be represented with a professionally developed corporate image. It’s no mystery that when we are hunting, as consumers, for any product or service, we, first of all else, will make sure that the company selling those commodities inspire trust. That trust is driven by your Company’s general image, or what we in the industry like to call: the Corporate Image.

Our idea of trust comes directly from how the company looks overall… The concept is simple, really. The more professional, clean, attractive your business looks, the more money you have spent in it, hence, your company should be a respected and trustworthy one.
This idea is not always true, though. But it is generally how we, clients, make our decisions of where to buy or not to buy, which service to hire or which one not to.

Successfully creating your Corporate Image

Always Use professionals

Our first and most important advice would be to leave this task to the professionals.
There is not a shortage of business owners taking it upon themselves to create their Corporate Images… There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you are truly serious about taking your Company to the next level, then you understand that creating this kind of so important elements in the development of a Business is not a simple thing to do. Graphic Designers spend years studying, and after that, even more years and sleepless nights putting into practice all they learned in school. So, contact the experts to ensure you will end up with a professionally developed image which will represent your Company for years to come.

In one of its articles INC. wrote:

The concept is usually associated with large corporations, but small businesses also have a corporate image even if neither their owners nor customers think of it that way. In the absence of active efforts, corporate image “simply happens”

And that’s exactly what you want to avoid. What you really want is to drive that image yourself, not let it run wild on its own, since you are risking it will deliver the wrong message to your clientele.

Explain carefully what your business is all about.

Before starting the project, the Graphic Designers will want to know more about your company. Be as explicit as possible, since this stage is key to obtain an accurate and quality final product. If you sell candy, you would not want a Corporate Image representing a Towing Company. You need to make sure your designer understand to the fullest what your company is all about, and what you are actually looking to transmit to your clients.

Your Logo is KEY!

Is not a mystery that your Business Logo is one of the key parts of what makes your Company what it is. If you do not have one, or you do have one… but was created in Powerpoint, please commission one as soon as you are able to, and start using it everywhere.
– But Vhector Graphics, where is it that I have to use my logo? -Good Question. Your logo should go in all your advertising material, letterheads, envelopes, mugs, pens, awnings, and your website… the more places you can place your logo the better.

Some of the Corporate Image Elements

  • Logo
  • Uniform Color Scheme.
  • Letterheads & Envelopes for official use
  • Uniform Fonts Usage
  • Advertisement and Website Image Reciprocity


As you can see, your Corporate Image needs to be well planned and executed. That is simply key so it transmits the right message to your niche clientele.
We, in Vhector Graphics, have developed the Know-How necessary to makes this process easier, that when paired with our top-notch graphics will make your company stand out in a uniform fashion, making your brand to be recognizable throughout your customer base.
A well established Corporate Image is key to your business development. You should make plans to start that phase as soon as you can.

Please, do not hesitate in contacting us with any question you might have about how to enhance your website in the Comments Section. We will be more than happy to reply and help you in any way we can.

Login out

-Vhector Graphics Team



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