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Why Keywords are so important

Why Keywords are so important

What are Keywords?

Keywords are closely linked to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Paid Advertisement). In this sense, this refers to phrases or ideas that users type in the search engines to locate a service or products. Also an idea or general answer to their questions. This is also known as “Search Queries”.

Having that in mind, we would reach the conclusion that for your Company’s website, keywords are… well, key. Tthe main purpose would be reaching as many people as possible when they search words that belong to your industry or specialty. Having the right keywords present on your website makes it easy for the Search Engines to point out the general users your site’s location. This will entice that user to click on your link.

We could say it’s all about visibility and the opportunity to showcase your products or services, or even your ideas and thoughts if you are a blogger, for example.

The Importance of Keywords

Here’s what Semrush has to said about Keywords:

Having successful SEO of your website means that you have found the right balance of keywords that attract prospective customers.

As you can see, that right balance is more than important to get internet users to go to your website and discover what your company is all about. We must mention that this balance is not an easy task to achieve. A lot of moving parts are involved in reaching the right formula for you and most importantly finding the perfect Quality Keywords you need. Keep in mind each business is different, and each one has different niches which consume their products. For example, a shoe store will not require the use of the same keywords as a cake bakery. It will differ, as it’s obvious.

This is why a very detailed plan is required to achieve SEO perfection. And among the first points in that plan, you will find a thorough and deep study of your Business Quality Keywords. So, let’s describe a bit the main things we look for in Keywords when studying their quality for a specific business.

Search Volume of a Keyword

When we are researching what keywords your company will benefit more of, we have to look at what’s the volume of searches that keyword has. The more people looking for that word, the most traffic it will bring your website. So, the volume is very important.

Competitiveness of a Keyword

Now, we have a keyword that is searched by a lot of people, in other words, it has a great volume of searches. But it turns out that word is not competitive and will not be able to stand up to the other businesses – similar to yours, that are using stronger words. So, keeping in mind this balance between Search Volume and Competitiveness is paramount for a good SEO outcome.

Kinds of Keywords

In this category, we have 3 kinds of these words used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Generic, Broad Match, and Long Tail Keywords. Each one has its advantages and its issues. But the most important kind is the Broad Match Keywords. This refers to the words that target specific product or services. For example, “iMac Computer”, or “SEO Experts”. This keyword format will prove to be very effective. As you can see, it refers exactly what you are selling and will direct traffic of exactly the kind of clients you need.

The Next Step

At this point, you must be wondering what you should do to get your SEO rolling. Well, we will always advise you to hire experts in the field to obtain the best results. Now, maybe you have the time to start learning this difficult process. In that case, please by all mean, do.

In the meantime, Vhector Graphics offers expert management of your SEO and PPC campaigns. Obtaining the best and strongest Keywords we can possibly use for your business is our goal. Contact Us Today!

Signing Out

– Vhector Graphics Team


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