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What makes a website, GOOD?

What makes a website, GOOD?

A website, what does it make it good, effective, amazing? This question is critical to make if you want your business to succeed on the WWW world, which is, by now, and each day even more, crowded and over-saturated with mediocre work done by “designers” who are only looking to make a couple of bucks with the minimum work possible, and hey! also by clients who do not want -or honestly don’t know- how much work an effective website requires.

What does it takes?

Make the user curious with your Website.

A “good” website is that which hooks the user at first glance. The user may not wish to keep using the website after that first moment, but the fact that the design, the experience were strong enough to make them stop and consider keep using the website, could be considered a partial success.

Now, a GREAT website, on the other hand, is that which will hook the user at first glance, and not let go. Like an aligator, it will grab that user and practically “force” them to keep using it out of cheer amazement and curiosity. A great and effective website will trigger the subconscious of a user and make them stay, sniffing around, enjoying the experience to the fullest.
When that user goes away feeling like they had a perfect experience, they will most likely return… and that’s the absolute goal for any website you commission.

The Guardian says:

A good website has great content, is regularly updated, intuitive, easy to use, and, ideally, has a good visitor-customer conversion rate.

The Guardian
What makes a website, GOOD? - Vhector Graphics
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Yes, content is important.

Now, looks will do only 30-50% of the task. The other 50% will be done by the content.
Having a gorgeous website, will not guarantee that it is good enough for the users who visit it. The content you include will dictate how useful and attractive that website will be in the end.

Creating content is a whole industry in itself. Content creation for your business is KEY if you want to have a good and effective online presence.

  • Amazing Photos (Copyright free or Owned by you).
  • Exclusive and original Blog posts.
  • Media section with profesional-grade content (Videos and Imagery).
  • Relevant and updated contact information of your business.

Offer your users useful and honest information about the industry you are involved in. If your industry is the Cuisine Industry, offer amazing Blogs-Tutorials of how to cook an exotic dish. Give recipients away in a weekly fashion on your website.
If you are a musician, publish your music right there on your website. Offer quality videos of how to achieve your skills so your users can follow you and improve their skills alongside you.

Offering good, relevant content will make your website a hub to be respected. And believe us, your users will value you even more for providing just that.

What about my budget?

Now now Vhector -you may say- I do not have the money to create that quality content!
And that is perfectly understandable. Regardless of the size of your budget, the quality you should aim to provide should be high. When you have that mindset, your content, even if it cost you zero dollars to create, will have that aura of quality that your users will definitely feel and acknowledge.

We all start at the very bottom and make our way up little by little. And the content you’ll create tomorrow will be better than the one you created yesterday… But if you created that content without any regard for at least the minimum quality, your brand will suffer. So, it’s better to aim high with no resources at all, than to aim low with no resources and fail because your carelessness showed all over your content.

Be successful online!

Hiring professionals to not just create, but DEVELOP your website will make a huge difference for your business success in the online realm.
With a very big chunk of daily transactions taking place on the Internet today, you want to be competitive, attractive enough, and inspire trust in your users, which very well could become clients once they visit your Virtual Office or Store.

Develop your website in a serious fashion. It will worth the effort… absolutely no doubt.

Signing Out

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