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What is PPC and how it Works

Paid Advertisement

What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is probably today’s most important way you have at your disposal to advertise your brand or at least is the most direct. Think of it as advertising your products or services on TV. For that you would have to contact the Cable Companies and get their advertising packages, which is good to mention, are fairly expensive. At the end, depending on how much you pay, your ads will run regularly for a period of time in the channels you chose to advertise on.
PPC works similar but is way cheaper. As you may know, we are all glued to our electronic devices all the time. We are an “online” society now. We still watch tv, but we spend a huge chunk of time searching the web for information, also services or products. That’s where PPC is most advantageous.

Let’s take Google for example. Google has a full system dedicated to this matter. Through bidding on relevant keywords (which we’ll write about in a future article), a Paid Advertising Manager will ensure, depending on your dedicated budget, that your clickable ads will show up in the top section of the search engines when users perform a search about the products or services you provide. That means you will show up in front of a potential client at the very same moment that person is searching for a business like yours.

As you can see, this is an advertising method that is very immediate. Although not guaranteed, you will most probably start seeing results quite fast after starting all your necessary campaigns. Of course, this explanation is somewhat oversimplified, but you’ll get the idea. It actually is all a bit more complicated than that.

Kinds of Online Ads

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Video Ads
  • App Ads

Display Ads

These are those banners that show up on the websites you visit every day (for example, the ones you are seeing here in this article). According to Google, these kinds of ads run on over 2 million websites and apps. So, your brand will be exposed to potential clients in a very efficient way, always assuming your PPC Manager does a good job. These Ads require graphics.

Search Ads

Let’s do a small experiment. Open a new tab on your Web Browser and go to the Google Page and type any query of your preference. Do you see those 3 or 4 search results on top of the search list that have a green “Ad” sign? Those are the Search Ads. These ads are very effective and provide a very instant contact with your potential clientele. Executing an effective Search Ads Campaign will bring you results in the short run.

Video Ads

Not to be underestimated, these ads run only on Youtube. Remember, 1 out of every 2 people on the internet visit Youtube each month… That’s 1 billion visits a month!!! Obviously, with these numbers, this ad choice makes a powerful tool to reach a huge chunk of your business’ niche.
These kinds of ads require video or motion graphics ads to run.

App Ads

This one is similar to the Search Ads in its presentation. But it’s exclusively dedicated to the promotion of Apps. Do you build Apps? Well, this might be the right Ad for you to reach your clientele base.

How to Create Outstanding PPC Campaigns?

Paid Advertising is not an easy task. It involves detailed and constant studies of your business keywords, also your competition, and actively bidding on the proper quality keywords (once you’ve identified them). Paid Advertising Experts like we in Vhector Graphics have developed a Know-How and knowledge that allow us to be as effective as your business deserves. Creating the right campaigns with the right parameters is key for your Ads to succeed. Each Ad count, each click also counts, and we make sure you get your money worth.

If you want to learn more about our SEO and PPC Services, please visit This Page and let us know if you wish to start advertising to the millions of people who are looking right now for a service or product like the one you are offering!


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