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Backlinks – What’s that all about?

Backlinks 101

Backlinks 1o1

Regarding Backlinks, also knows as Inbound Links (IBL’s), we can tell you that yes, they have utter importance when it comes to the relevance of your website on the World Wide Web.
As the matter of fact, Inbound Links are the responsible for the Authority your Website have in the eyes of the Search Engines.

This term refers to the links on a website pointing back at your own website. In turn, this tells Google, Bing, and other Search Engines that your online presence is relevant somehow. As we published in a past article regarding SEO and it’s importance (You can find it here), a backlink for the Search Engines can be considered to work more or less as “word-of-mouth” would work. If people are mentioning your name, you must be relevant in some way.
There the importance of  Backlinks.

Now, not all backlinks are useful for SEO purposes. Having 2000 of random backlinks isn’t helpful, really. Google, for example, while ranking your website will take into consideration how relevant a Backlink is regarding web page. This means that if you sell Cars and your website is devoted to that business, and you have 10 backlinks, but 7 of those backlinks come from sites about kittens, then you would have truly 3 relevant -or quality- Inbound Link which Google will weight toward your ranking.
Of course, this process es more complicated than that, but you now have the idea of how this works overall.

Main Characteristics of Backlinks

  • From Relevant Sources
  • From Trusted Sources
  • Must Send Traffic

Must Come From Relevant Sources

As mentioned previously, a Backlink should come from a relevant source. That the same as saying that the link pointing to your website, should be coming from another Website which handles similar interest, products or services as yours. Search Engines take particular care about this, since guaranteeing this will guarantee in turn that users will obtain, each time, relevant information to them, and not random redirecting that will add no value to their search at all.

Must Come From Trusted Sources

We all are aware of how many fake websites are out there. The Internet is a humongous entity that will, invariably, house not so reputable websites. So, Search Engine algorithms are being driven to identify these kinds of fake, unpopular, or plain shady websites and not reward them… In turn, the Search Engines will not reward you if you use that kind of websites for backlink support.
This is applicable also to those websites that sell backlinks… That would be a no-no, and Search Engines like Google and Bing explicitly explain that using that method is against their policies. It takes longer, but using the right kind of backlinks will worth the wait, no doubt.

Must Send Traffic

Very similar to the first point, this one has to do with the value that these backlinks offer your users and the users of the website sending you traffic. The goal is to offer users relevant content. When we are reading an article, and we see a link, we are certainly going to click on it if it has to do with what we reading in the first place. So, it pays off to take good care about what kind of backlinks you are developing.

If you would like to read further about Inbound Links, this article by Semrush is a very good one. Go and check it out here!

Let’s Get You Relevant Backlinks!

We in Vhector Graphics are committed to offering our clients the best service possible. In order to achieve that we take painstakingly care about what kind of Backlinks we develop for your Business’ Website. You deserve peace of mind, and we make sure you get just that.


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