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Publishing Tutorials?

Publishing tutorials

Doing so is somewhat time-consuming, but we in Vhector Graphics are trying to decide what kind of tutorial we should start making. We just published a mini-tutorial talking about masks. But, we feel that a good tutorial would be more productive and effective when done through video. So, we are seriously thinking about starting the preparations to start recording our future tutorials for our website and Youtube.

With 13+ years of experience in the graphics industry, our founder Hector is the right person to share those tools, tricks, and process when creating a professional design. And as we know, the tools are endless, the techniques are endless as well, and the knowledge acquired through the years can help those who are starting, or simply want to learn a new trick that would make their lives way easier.

So yes, it’s decided, we’ll start with our tutorial videos. We just have to finish the final touches of this website, and we will be rolling them out regularly.

Exiting times for Vhector Graphics indeed. Until next time.

-Vhector Graphics Team

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