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Yes, You Need a Good Website

Quality Website

Why your Website is so important.

A Website is important, no doubt. Today, a huge chunk of the business transactions done in a day is done in the digital world.
Each day, more and more people are buying, selling, trading, and doing their everyday shopping over the web. Thus, it would be logical to think that every business should have a professionally made website, right? The answer is YES.
Unfortunately, not every business owner is aware of the importance of this in today’s digital age. Hopefully, you will be after reading this article.

Having an engaging, beautiful Site will not only look good, it will retain your potential clients longer. This will make them consume all the information you are providing them about your products and services. Which in turn, will entice them to buy from you.
The truth is that anyone surfing the website, in this day and age, is capable to discern between a good, regular or plain bad Web page. Based on those criteria they will make their minds if your company is either worthy of their hard earn money, or not.

Your website needs to meet some standards.

  • Fast Speeds
  • Gorgeous and Attractive Graphics
  • Easiness of Navigation
  • Responsiveness
  • SEO Ready Content


We all have been there. We want to check out a website, we all excitedly go and click on the link… Nothing. All is blank, nothing happens. 5, 6, 10 seconds go by and nothing yet. Our natural reaction? Go Away.
That’s right. We only tend to wait around for 5 seconds before turning away from a website and never looking back and to the next competitor’s website. That client you will never recover. That client is gone forever, and as you may have noticed: That’s not good at all!
So, a fast website is key to keep your potential clientele there absorbing every detail about your services and products.

Gorgeous and Attractive Graphics:

This one may seem simple or irrelevant, but do the test yourself. Where would you buy more confidently? In a disaster of a website or in a well designed, beautiful, and serious one?
We all do it… we judge the business by its general looks and corporative image. A website is your Company’s face on the world wide web, no doubt, and part of getting that client to stay searching for your products or services will fall on the graphics and the general image of your website. So, pay attention to that factor, and make sure you get an engaging website.

Easiness of Navigation:

How many times have you gone through that? You get to a web page, and wow… it’s all confusing. You do not have the slightest clue of what’s going on, and why you were there in the first place. That company lost you right there on the spot.
A website should be, no matter how much content it has, very simple to navigate and understand. Making a website intuitive for potential clients is key to retain them and sell your products and services. Nobody likes a maze of information, all hard to read and understand.
We all want an easy and pleasant experience when surfing the web. So, it’s up to you to make sure yours is not a confusing mess.


Ok, this one is a biggie. On November 2016, The Guardian published the following, and we quote:

…global mobile and tablet browsing accounting for 51.3% versus the desktop’s 48.7%, according to the latest data from web analytics firm StatCounter.

So yes, what that means is that your website needs to work in Desktops, but it’s fundamental that it also looks amazing on Cell phones and Tablets. You do want those potential clients to be able to enjoy your website anywhere they want, so Responsiveness is essential.

SEO Ready Content:

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process where, companies like us in Vhector Graphics, optimize a website so it gains what is called: Authority.
Google, Bing, and other search engines will bump up, through their algorithms, websites that have strong Authority and well-optimized content. Now, when a website is developed, SEO Service is not included. What it is included in the development stage -At least we include it in Vhector Graphics’s Projects- is that the content in the final web page, will be optimized and will be to the SEO standards, so when you decide to commission the actual SEO Process, the website will be ready to go right there and then.

We can help your business excel.

As you can see, developing a website is not an easy matter. It’s a complicated business with a lot of things to take into consideration. We in Vhector Graphics pride ourselves on creating Fast, Beautiful, Fully custom Websites for our clients that will meet every criterion we mentioned in this article today. To see live samples, please go here: OUR WEBSITES.
Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any question. We’ll be more than happy to help in any way we can.


Signing out.

-Vhector Graphics Team