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UX, by the numbers

UX, by the numbers

We received an email…

After our latest article on UI/UX design, we received an email that caught our attention. The email was addressing it, and directed us to an Infographic Article laying out statistics regarding websites and UX as of 2018… We though it was a very interesting material and we decided to share it with you guys.

The email came from the Article Creator, Jann Chambers from Uk Web Host Review, who did a very good job combing sources to come up with a very detailed compilations of facts and numbers about today’s Websites and the importance of UX.

Among others, the sources she used were such as:

Here’s a sample of the gorgeous design of this article we’ll be sharing with you guys today.

UX, by the numbers - Vhector Graphics

Lets get to it then…

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And we want to thank Jann for getting in touch with Vhector Graphics to share her findings. This kind of collaboration is very important, in our opinion, so we can spread accurate information and help the users and up and coming UX/UI and Web Designers understand a bit better how this complicated aspect of the Online World actually works.

If you want to read more about Web Development, we recommend our article What Makes a Website Good?. Where we talk about the aspects that make your website worth the user’s while, and the various ways you have at your disposal to keep the user enjoying your Online presence… but most importantly, how to keep them interested all the way.
We believe that this article, coupled with Jann’s Infographic make a very complete picture, which can be very useful for every one of you curious people out there.

So, without further ado, here you have Jann Chambers’ infographic on UX and Websites:
15 Website & UX Statistics of 2018-2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]


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